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So i’ve been rushing lately to fill up my portfolio for when I apply to art schools, problem is over 90% of my art is fan art. So heres one of the pieces that I managed to pull off in two days.

By the way, the concept behind the picture I just posted of Kankri with a baseball bat was that he eventually lost his shit after being coddled and treated as a lesser being by his assigned highblood guardian. Poor troll couldn’t even scream in time.

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"They could care less as long as someone’ll bleed

So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose

Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me”

So I was listening to ‘Teenagers’ and it somehow ended up with badass Kankri with a bat sprayed with some poor seadwellers blood.

is that really too much to ask for?

So I may be doing a thing.

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So a long while back I did this roleplay with a friend that basically was about two tribes that were at war for years and years until the chiefs decided to have their eldest children marry to create peace. So basically tribalstuck AU with Kankri marrying Cronus and becoming part of the ocean clan. And yeah, the drawings are really poor quality but their mostly for reference so I can draw more later. Whatever.

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Anonymous asked: hello!! seeing that the requests are open, i was wondering if you could draw aranea×porrim? thanks so much!!

That feel when the hottest girl on your team starts hitting on you with red intentions. 

I really missed doing traditional art so the otp in lusi themed kigu’s happened.

Today in english I drew the bae and I.

"During his penance, it was said the Sufferer’s compassion for his people underwent a divine transformation, into limitless, burning rage. It burned hotter than the irons shackling him to the imperial flogging jut, and redder than the blood soaking his Righteous Leggings. When he was finally killed, his anger rung through the cosmos with his last breath."

I wanted to make a key chain of my favorite ancestor to sell at the next convention, so here he is.