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 bird(s) nesting
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I like to think that Eridan is extremely flexible and when he gets really ticked off he just sits in weird positions until he calms down. 

I really wanted to draw my dragons in flight rising. The first one is Bones and the second is Queen. UvU

My halloween costume. ovo

Listening to Mumford & Sons always makes me wanna draw ancestors.

I honestly don’t know what I was trying to do here.

was the intermission between act 3 and 4 worth reading? (it was crazy long and i pretty much got the gist of it in the pages after???)

Hell yeah man! Reading the whole monster of a web comic is very worth reading. Plus, if you skipped it, you’d be missing some really funny parts.

Precious sweet babs.

As a seadweller fanatic, I feel obligated to draw a bio-luminescent sea troll at least once.

Yo I see you there making portfolio peices. I'm gonna need to submit. One to get into the art college I want to go to. Any advice on how to put together a portfolio for someone who's not made one before

Honestly hun, i’m in the same boat as you. Every college that I’ve considered for my future art education has been super unclear on what they want for their portfolio on their websites. So, what I did was I searched around for a general portfolio requirement that (apparently) a decent amount of art schools do. (this is for californian art schools though and I want to be in oregon)

The requirement is, I believe you need 15-20 separate pieces. Now you can draw whatever you want, in any medium, but what I recommend (what im doing) is show what you like to draw! If you like monster girls, do that, if you like landscape, do that! Just use a variety of mediums to demonstrate your skills. So don’t just do digital, use color pencil, paints, pastels! Anything really, as long as it shows that you are capable of doing realistic or semi realistic art (And if you draw anime or cartoony, show that too!) Like, I usually draw homestuck, and YES fanart is a-okay! Just avoid having most of your portfolio being fanart. So what I recommend is doing a landscape piece, a piece of an animal, and a piece of a human being. This shows that you have the ability to draw all three.

Ah, sorry this is so scattered, but if you have any other questions, let me know! Gathering for art school is stressful and tedious, but you CAN do it.

Good luck! ovo

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