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Streaming JeanMarco’s dressed up for halloween! [[LINK]]

So about saturday live streams

So for a good while now I’ve been streaming usually all day on Saturdays with the exception of a few extra times during the week, right? Well, I share the desktop with my parents, while the rest of my online activity is spent on mobile throughout the week. Long story short, my dad’s work scheduled got tossed around and now for streams i’ll have streams spread out throughout the weekend, BUT there’s still a very high chance of Saturday streams still happening as well, just not the whole day.

Tldr; Streams will happen across the weekend but I wont spent the whole day Saturday drawing anymore. So yeah.

okay dude this isn't really a request (you don't have to do it unless it strikes your fancy- i just need to tell someone) BUT ERIDAN BEING A SNOOTY TEENAGE JERK AND UPSETTING CRONUS BUT THEN FEELING GUILTY AND HUGGING ON HIM AND MAKING HIM DORKY ASS HIPSTER TEa AND TREATING HIM LIKE A ~~~KAWAII~~~PRINCESS~~~ DAMMIT MY HEART IS huRTING i'm sorry this isn't even that cool and also FRECKLES ARE AMAZING sorry

AnD LIKE CRONUS WOULD BE A TOTAL JERK BUTT AND BE LIKE “i dunno if i can forgiwve you baby, that vwas pretty darn mean of you. i mean, MAY8E some of those expensiwve chocolates you have vwould help just a little. maybe.” Then they make out and drink hipster tea together and live happily-incest-after.

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Did you guys know that blackrom CronRim is one of my otps?

So for the stream this weekend I have a few doodles set up and ready to go. I have:

-Dead!Aradia (In print format so lots and lots of details all over the place)

-Blackrom CronRim (for my thirst)

-A mini JeanMarco comic (Only needs like 2 small edits)

-A JeanMarco full color picture that matches the comic

-A signless keychain design

- (Possibly) Beta Kids/Karkat key chain designs

Sound good?

So this is what the finished product turned out as. If I can i’ll be selling them at the next convention in packs of all 12 or just one in sticker form. ovo

Just some vent art.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited would you guys be if I said I was going to make these into stickers after coloring them?

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I may make a print out of this if I actually manage to get off my lazy but and color this right. 

I already regret drawing this.