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How I draw horns:

Step 1: Start off drawing the horn shape of choice. Its very important that you draw this LIGHTLY, it will help later.

Step 2: Now that we’ve chosen a horn type (In this case Terezi’s) start off by drawing random rings around it. Make sure it bumps somewhat out of the base drawing and remember draw LIGHTLY, but hard enough that its darker than the original outline.

Step 3: Keep drawing those bends and curves! But remember, in step two and three, its good to go outside of the outline! It gives it a more realistic and imperfect look.

Step 4: Add some extra detail to those bends. Add in some random lines here and there to add texture, in the end it will make the product look nicer by taking this step.

Step 5: This step isnt manditory, but I always do it. I add a thin line down the length of the horn to add to the detail, and make it appear a little more 3D. Its hard to tell on this picture, but if you’re working with a full body shot, it will give the illusion.

Step 6: Ink it! I, myself, use 00.5 Micron pens, they work awesome and the ink doesn’t smudge when you erase the pencil marks underneath.

Step 7: Color very LIGHTLY with a simple brown color pencil. My brand of choice is crayola, since their cheep and work well. By doing this it will, again, give a more realistic look to the horn.

Step 8: After, I colored roughly the BOTTOM/base of the horn, and after, I lightened the pressure on the pencil to give it a gradient look. The color of choice, of course was a regular red.

Step 9: I used a regular orange, and repeated the process, although with this color, I colored over the light red area with orange. By doing this, the colors appear blended.

Step 10: Repeat step 9 with yellow. My yellow of choice was ‘Golden yellow’

Step 11: For shine, I add a blob of white from my white gel pens, to give the horn a shiny look. It always depends on your light source when it comes to adding the shine, but usually its near the top of the horn.

Step 12: You’re done!

Now, although I’ve shared my coloring and horn drawing techniques, it doesn’t mean go around and copy my style. This tutorial is meant to help people develop their own style, and give them a better look on how to make them semi realistic.